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Many of the SAP PPM community have expressed they are always trying to find good reference books about SAP Project System. So we are very proud to announce that we have teamed up with successful author Kieron Dowling, who has written two excellent SAP Project System reference books.

Mastering the Project Builder in SAP: Using SAP's Project Builder

Book: Mastering the Project Builder in SAP

The Project Builder is a maintenance tool for personnel who manage projects in the SAP Project System (PS) module. This guide will explain the various ways in which you can maintain data. It will also show you the very best way to do things, and how to get the most out of maintaining the many objects that make up a project. You will also learn how to make the most out of the graphical maintenance tools like the Planning Board and the Pert Chart for managing structures. Add to this Easy Cost Planning/Execution Services and you have all you need.

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SAP® Project System Handbook

Centralise and Control Enterprise Project Management

Book: SAP Project System Handbook

Plan, execute, and track projects across the entire lifecycle using SAP Project System (PS) and the in-depth information contained in this comprehensive volume. SAP Project System Handbookexplains how to configure PS for optimal performance, design structures and networks, create project blueprints, generate cost estimates and materials demands, and use the latest SAP tools. You will find full details on scheduling work, automating and tracking billing and POs, triggering events, and integrating with most other SAP modules.

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About Kieron Dowling

Kieron is a highly successful and experienced implementer of SAP's Project System (PS) and Investment Management (IM) modules. He has more than 16 years SAP experience implementing end-to-end solution in the mining, engineering and manufacturing industry. He has written two books on SAP Project System: Mastering the Project Builder in SAP: Using SAP's Project Builder and SAP® Project System Handbook.

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